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“A human catalyst is an individual who influences ​a system to be more effective without being in control of it. The action of the catalyst is to observe the system, design an intervention – and intervene.” 


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Lisa has applied this way of being to her personal growth and evolution as well as to the situations and environments she has found herself in a professional capacity. Her desire for learning and discovery to enable an integrated way of living is insatiable. She is most often described as:

•  a change leader and agent, 
•  results driven, 
•  perceptively inquisitive, 

• highly intuitive and empathic, 
• a life-long learner, 
• a fantastic listener, and
• a strategic, systems thinker.

Her approach to life has rendered her calm, witty and passionate. She sees all of life’s moments as opportunities for growth, discovery, learning and development. A positive outlook and a natural ease and grace define her well.

With over 15 years of experience in corporate leadership positions, Lisa has extensive experience diagnosing, designing and implementing holistic organizational systems solutions. Given her background in employee, leadership, team, and organizational development, she brings empathy and insight to her approach by offering thoughtful, yet challenging ways to work through what her clients are experiencing.  

By willingly partnering with her to challenge outdated paradigms and assumptions, clients experience a new way of being as internal barriers fall away to offer new perspective and insight to the challenges that “life” inevitably presents. Helping others find personal congruence is where she’s at her best.

Lisa has found a way to uniquely blend her experience with targeted learning and development opportunities to support mind, body, and spirit cohesion and integration. She complements her Graduate Program in Executive Coaching with multiple certifications in personality profiling and 360 instruments as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration. Knowing personal insight and discovery doesn’t come without extensive work of her own, she has spent years certifying as an Advanced Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Nidra) and a Master Reiki Practitioner (Usui and Karuna).

Whether it be a personal, team or organizational solution you are looking for, Lisa will apply a standard of rigour and integrity that will not disappoint.