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What We Do

Shadow Light applies this way of being to the growth and evolution process of every system; individual, team, organization and community.  The continual pursuit of "living as true self" and "modelling systemic leadership", means compassionate learning and discovery in holistic, integrated ways.

People who work with the Shadow Light team, consistently describe every single person as:
•  agents of change, 
•  results driven, 
•  highly intuitive and empathic, 
• life-long learners, 
• deep listeners, and
• strategic, systems thinkers.

In short: expect purposeful, approachable, trustworthy, compassionate.

With a few good decades of combined experience, the Shadow Light team has leveraged their extensive experience diagnosing, designing and implementing holistic organizational/team/individual systems solutions to create the CLEAR CHANGE (TM): Transformation methodology.

As a foundational platform approach, the combined power of each layer enables sustainable success to the change you're looking for.  

By willingly partnering with the Shadow Light team to challenge outdated paradigms and assumptions, clients experience a new way of being as internal barriers fall away to offer new perspective and insight to the challenges that “life” inevitably presents.  Leveraging the WHOLE PERSON intelligence (TM) framework to target developmental focus, enables focused development for optimum leverage.

Whether it be an individual, team or organizational solution you are looking for, the Shadow Light team will apply a standard of rigour and integrity that will not disappoint.

Client Testimonial

Christine Francoeur

Chief Living Officer​

Jenny Swim

Chief Coaching Officer

“A human catalyst is an individual who influences ​a system to be more effective without being in control of it. The action of the catalyst is to observe the system, design an intervention – and intervene.” 

​​Lisa Strogal

Chief Executive Officer

Canada - United States

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