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“Alignment with the corporate strategy is a key concept for successful leadership development. Organizations that realize this establish a leader development philosophy that permeates all levels of the organization and is meaningful to all employees.”

~Pepperdine EDU


Through a standard process of discovery, the consulting process will clarify outcomes while defining concrete ways to measure and achieve desired performance objectives. Ensuring solutions are designed and developed in context to the organization and environment, Lisa will enable leaders and their teams to sustain processes and systems for long-term advantage. In order to ensure success, a mutual development of the working relationship will be articulated.  

Change Management

Studies show over and over that managing the change process increases the rate of success and accelerates expected returns.  Recognizing, planning and compassionately appreciating that if people need to do things differently, then areas of resistance need to be addressed. When sponsors step into their role and all stakeholders are fully engaged and participating in the change process, exceptional results can occur.

Leadership Development

Much has been written about the importance of providing developmental opportunities for individuals at the appropriate “teachable moment.” There is ample evidence that leaders benefit more from educational experiences that are “just in time” rather than “just in case”. Whether the need is building fundamentals or preparing leaders for a new way of working, Lisa will work in partnership with you to understand your context, and then draw upon her experience, network and resources to craft the right development solution that fits your needs for any level of leadership – be that an executive team, a group of high-potentials, or a level of leadership.  

With extensive experience in the entire learning and development process, all programs are developed as a process – not an event – and with the adult learner in mind: engaging, experiential, applicable and translatable.

Organization Services