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Organization Program

“There is no organizational transformation without a preceding transformation in the consciousness of the leadership. The process of cultural evolution first happens in the awareness of individuals. These individuals exert influence on the system and change it.”  

~ Rumi

Results don’t happen by chance. They are a function of the way in which you have designed your organization. 

John Gardner said: “Most ailing organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects. They are not suffering because they cannot resolve their problems, but because they cannot see their problems.” While many in the organization have a sense that performance isn’t what it should be, leaders within the system find it difficult to pin-point the levers to draw upon to shift organizational performance.  

Through the consultation process, Shadow Light works with leaders and leadership teams to see and understand where misalignments are occurring within the organization; effectively exposing the shadow side and bringing light to the situation. By designing and implementing supporting systems, processes and structures for key organizational elements, results, that are aligned with stakeholder expectations, are realized. 

The Process

Shadow Light will work with you to understand the unique elements of your company, environment and situation, while holding true to a standard set of processes and principles. The following characterizes her approach to a consulting relationship:

Clear Outcomes: Here we will define the objectives and key milestones of the consulting engagement. What are your desired outcomes? How would you like things to be different? How will you know we’ve been successful?

Diagnosis Precedes Change: Once the targeted performance shift has been determined, a good understanding of how your organization works will be established. This ensures that the change efforts focus and adjust what is not working while preserving the foundational components of what is.

Comprehensive, Systems Approach to Change: After obtaining a preliminary understanding, focus and attention will turn to reviewing and approaching the organization as a whole system. The methods used will cut across boundaries, systems and hierarchy to view all organizational life as a synchronized whole rather than fragmented parts.

You are the Driver: Throughout the process, you will be treated as the experts in your business and will make the critical decisions for your organization. In order to accept, adopt and effectively implement the change, it’s important that you and your team remain in the position of accountability and responsibility. Shadow Light's role is to provide you with the methodologies, process and approach to facilitate the change while leveraging and upholding the strengths and role of all parties.

Respect the Relationship: In order to live and operate with intention, we will design our working relationship in a purposeful way; one that is grounded in respect, trust, confidence and honesty. My intent is to strengthen and support you and your team in the fulfillment of your role and accomplishment of your vision. Expect to learn, hear and make shifts in your own personal behavior to positively impact the organizational system.

The Role of Vulnerability: Leadership takes courage. I want to help you learn to talk openly, resolve conflicts, and create a positive culture in which people care about their work and want to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Structured Methods: Finally, methodologies and processes will be leveraged to diagnose, develop and deliver solutions that drive individual, team and organizational performance and development.

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