Featured Services

Reacquaint yourself…with yourself.

Transformation at any level requires a deep appreciation and understanding of self. Review the integrated options available.


Design your organization in a way where results are an inevitable outcome. 

Learn where mis-alignments are occurring within your organizational system, then determine the supporting structures, processes, and solutions that align to stakeholder expectations.


​​​Achieve optimal team performance by leveraging the full capacity of each members’ contributions. Get clear on your team’s purpose, value proposition, values and operating norms, key processes, interdependencies, roles and responsibilities.

Vibrational Sound

Bring about physical purification, mental stimulation and spiritual Illumination by experiencing the power of sound healing.

 call: 587.225.4500  |  email: lisa@shadowlightconsulting.ca

Energy Balancing

A holistic somatic-based session used to promote balance throughout the human system.

Canada - United States


​Personalized coaching, consulting and thought-partnership options to achieve the personal transformation you’re looking for. Expect a “fusion” experience whereby multiple modalities are leveraged to achieve holistic integration for long-term sustainment.

Executive Coaching

The perspective you see through are experienced through the "lenses" of belief. Change the program, change your life!

​​​Reflect. Connect. Transform.